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St John Fisher Primary a Catholic Voluntary Academy, Sheffield
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Our 'Statement to Live By'

29th Feb 2020

Our ‘statement to live by’ is ‘I know it is ok to make mistakes’

Time to talk: We know that making mistakes is part of learning and is therefore ok.

We make mistakes as we start to understand and learn something new and our reaction to making mistakes is key.

If we see mistakes as purely negative we will become fearful learners who play safe and struggle to reach our potential.

If we have a positive attitude to making mistakes and are prepared to continue stepping out of our comfort zones in order to struggle productively, then we will probably still make a few mistakes along the way – but we will, most definitely, also learn and as we do so, we will also become more resilient too. Less and less will daunt us with our learning and so we will be more likely to reach our potential.

Can you think of a mistake that you made that ended up spurring you on to be better?